Inquiries? Please call OOPS! National Lampoon has been Evicted!
CEO Tim Durham (317) 691-4800 Active Cell Phone

Obsidian Enterprises, Inc.
Out of business

111 Monument Circle
Suite 4800
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Tim Durham: (317) 237-4155
Phone: (317) 237-4122
Fax: (317) 237-0137

Image by:
Sears H.S. Portrait Studio

Please enquire about my insider bond trade of Brightpoint Communications.

National Lampoon World Headquarters
Under Eviction Notice
8228 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90046
Tel. (310) 474-5252
Fax. (310) 474-1219
General Inquiries:

For technical assistance, please email:
Adam Laikin (Ran away with Dad's money to attend Oxford University)
or Evan Orenstein (Fired for being incompetent)

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